Tattoo Time Lapse

This past Saturday, my buddy Chris Merrell came down to Cloak & Dagger Tattoo with me to take some photos and video. But first, we had to kill some Chipotle. Tattoos and Chipotle might be the world’s greatest combo. The tattoo artist, Britton Asbury, came down to the restaurant and we just talked about randomness for 20 minutes or so. Then we made the short journey back to his shop.

By 9pm, everything was setup and the ink began to flow. Merrell had his Canon 7D (with the 18-135 lens) setup on my Manfrotto tripod and was capturing the two hours worth of tattoo work. I started this Day of the Dead sleeve on my right arm over four years ago. Talk about procrastination! This session was to start getting all the background stuff filled in. I hope to have the whole arm done by spring.

Anyways, he took the photos & video and threw them into Final Cut Pro, then edited it all into a sweet time lapse of the night. Enjoy. And stay tuned for a lot more video work from Chris and myself!