These are the 10 main services that I offer. I have other skills and interests, plus I’m always learning new things. (If there’s something you need that isn’t listed below, feel free to hit me up as I still might be able to help you, or I can direct you to someone that can.)

Website Builds
I’ve been a diehard WordPress guy for as long as I can remember. But I also build Squarespace and Shopify website to meet my client’s needs. I build most sites from scratch, but I can also work with your current website if you don’t need a full rebuild. I specialize in e-commerce/online shops, blogs, and simple/clean small business websites. Other areas that I work with almost daily include: hosting, email setup, email marketing, domain names, CSS, image editing, copywriting, etc. I built my first website back in the mid-90s with a WebTV (yes, that thing that looks like an old VCR and comes with a keyboard and remote, and connects to your TV), and I’ve been involved with the Internet ever since. Most people that know me, they know me as the “website guy.”

Canon is my brand of choice when it comes to cameras. I use an older DSLR as well as a newer mirrorless body. I also utilize GoPro cameras, and of course my trusty iPhone. I shoot photos every single day for myself, but I love when someone hires me to shoot something for them. I think my passion for photography started over twenty years ago when I got my second job out of art school at a local camera/photo retail shop.

Brands & Merch

Blogs & Other Writing

Podcasts & Voiceovers


Graphic Design

Online Courses

Social Media