People ask me questions every day, and a lot of them come up pretty often. Read through this list if you have a general question as it might have already been answered below. If you have a more complicated question, need more information, or want to inquire about something else, feel free to use the form on the contact page.

How much do you charge?
Every service is different, but for the most part, I charge $100 per hour for all digital work. Most website jobs take 30-60 hours and usually run between $2,500-$4,000. A super basic blog or one-page website could cost less, and a huge e-commerce website could cost more. Plus there could always be optional services and products depending on the job.

A one-hour photo session would usually run $100. Five hours of podcast audio editing would usually run $500. And so on and so on. Most things will run $100/hour, but after I talk with you about you’re specific project, I can give you a better price and usually some options based on your budget.

How long will it take to design my website?
This varies, but typically 2-4 weeks. It is possible to have a website completed in a day, but it would be a simple website and incur a rush fee, and the client would need to have all of the content ready to go. Some larger sites or extensive e-commerce sites can take 1-3+ months depending on the situation. The thing that holds up a site the most is waiting on the client to send over content or dealing with clients that are constantly wanting to make changes. But I let clients know ahead of time that I will make a couple rounds of changes until it’s ready to go live. Then future changes would be a separate job after the site is live.

Once the website is finished, can you maintain it?
Sure thing, I maintain several of my client’s websites. At a minimum, I charge 2-hours of annual maintenance during your domain/hosting renewal, but I can offer other maintenance packages based on your needs. Most clients just pay me $100/hour as needed for any changes/updates after a website is launched.

I’m located in California (or Iceland or Australia or anywhere else), but I really want to work with you. Is this possible?
Of course! I am located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, but I can offer my services to any English-speaking client located anywhere in the world. I just need my laptop and an internet connection to build your website. My camera gear is minimal and can fit in a backpack. My podcast gear fits in a checked suitcase. And plenty of other services can be done from my phone or tablet. I am always down to travel anywhere if the price is right. Travel isn’t necessary for most projects (I have several clients that I’ve never met in person, and plenty of those I’ve never even spoke to over the phone), but being face-to-face works better for certain people/situations, obviously if it’s a photo/video shoot on location.

I have an insane amount of questions about a certain topic/skill that you specialize in. Can you teach me?
Yes! I can train you in any of the areas that I’m skilled in. I have written plenty of blog posts over the years explaining some of the things I know, and I’m always working on more articles. I’ve recorded lots of podcasts as well, many are conversations with other successful people and they are almost mini-masterclasses in entrepreneurship. I’ve created one online course where I teach people how to create a WordPress/WooCommerce website even if they have zero web design knowledge, and I want to create lots of new online courses. Plus I can do consulting or coaching on any of these topics. I’m not one of those people that wants to keep everything to myself. Anything I know a lot about, and have experience with, I want to share that with the world and help as many people as I can. I only have so much time, so there’s no way I could build a million websites. But I could create an online course that a million people watch and that frees up a lot of my time to work on other projects where I need to be directly involved.

Can you design tshirts for me?
I can do simple tshirt designs, but even I hire other artists to do designs for my clothing brand. If your merch project is above my skillset, I can totally give you the details of the people I recommend.

I already have a website, but I love the way you write. Can you write the content for my website and proofread everything?
I sure can. I think writing is one of my top skills and I love to use it whenever I get the chance. I also pride myself on finding errors on restaurant menus. And let’s not forget, I won the spelling bee in 6th grade (I have the trophy on display in my studio).

I love listening to podcasts and have always wanted to start one. Can you help?
Yes. I can help you source the best gear to get you started. I can be the first guest on your show, and even have you as a guest on mine, so you can see what it’s like on both sides. If you need it edited, I can handle that for you as well. There are plenty of other areas that you might need help with too: website, social media, marketing, graphic design, photography, etc. Luckily I do all of those things too!

Your podcast is awesome and I love your voice. Can you do the voiceover work for my book, I want to make an audio book? And I’m thinking about doing a promotional video and would need voiceover work there too.
I’ve always wanted to do voiceover work like this. Let’s get it setup!

I need a video created for my business, everything from start to finish. Is this something you do?
I have a basic kit when it comes to shooting video. I’ve done a little video work over the years and always have the desire to do more. In fact, I’m in the early stages of my YouTube channel and hope to grow this into a big deal. Like everything I do, I’m a team of one. So it would be a very minimalistic approach to shooting the video and editing it. But yes, I can create a video for you or your business. Bonus points if it’s a cool project.

Do you create logos?
I did a lot of logo design back in art school, but haven’t done too much of it in recent years. All of my personal businesses and brands, I either create something simple of pay other designers to do something hardcore. So depending on what it is, I might be able to help.

What else are you into, outside of this digital creator stuff? Seems like you do just about everything!
Haha. Sometimes I feel like I do it all, but it’s a lot to handle most days. Which results in me focusing on one thing for awhile, and everything else ends up on the back burner for months or years. Pros and cons to everything, and doing too many things makes it difficult to be consistent with all of them. I should probably let some things go, but I’m just interested and curious about a ton of things.

This list could go on forever, but I’ll just list the things that come to mind. Reading books, Chipotle, sobriety, world travel, vanlife, poker, vegan, tattoos, drums, motorcycles, rock/metal/emo music, bagged trucks, art, hot rods, movies, hiking, cooking, our cat, family life, friends, journaling/note-taking, running, minimalism, desks, pushups, amusement parks, bicycle riding, typewriters, math, research, comedy, etc. If anything, I need to focus on sleep…