Hey there, I’m Randy Johnson and I was born in good old 1982 (8-2-82 to be exact). That’s where the name Eight Deuce came from. Graphic design is what I spent most of my time on from 2000-2009, doing a lot of print work, identity design, etc. I had always done a little web design work here and there, but nothing serious. Photography was also something I picked up in this era, and have held onto it ever since.

In early 2009, I discovered WordPress and I became intrigued. I started blogging and learning more ways to customize this popular framework. A year later, I was building sites for clients and expanding my skills on the web, including SEO, social media, and other types of internet marketing.

Between 2011 and 2014, I spent most of my time on just WordPress websites, most of which were e-commerce. I was creating sites for anyone and everyone, but many of my clients were in the custom car/truck world or tattoo artists. I also started dabbling in video work. Speaking of custom trucks and hot rods, I went all in on my little clothing brand in 2013, and have been growing that ever since.

2015 is when I started my podcast and got into audio work. 2016 is when I launched my first online course and became a huge fan of online education and sharing my knowledge online. All of this was in addition to always building websites and helping my existing clients.

I’ve lived in the Dayton, Ohio area my whole life, and a couple years ago we moved away from the city life to a rural area outside of Cincinnati. I’ve always been a work-from-home kinda guy, but this house has the perfect studio space above the detached garage. This finished area is my unique creative lounge and has enough space to handle any project that comes my way. Oh ya, it’s also dead silent out here in the country, which allows complete focus without all the normal distractions in our modern world. I finally understand just how important your environment is, especially when it comes to working for yourself.

These days, I describe myself with these three titles: Digital Creator, Merch Guy, REALTORĀ®. That last one surprised me too. Haha. I received my real estate license in March of 2022, and it was something that I talked about doing forever, so I finally took the leap. Merch Guy, because my clothing brand went from a small side hustle into something that has taken me all over the country and I’ve shipped orders all over the world. And Digital Creator is the best term I could find that fits all of my skills under one roof. Generic enough to add a few more skills if needed, but descriptive enough that most people can figure out what I do.

I hope this short novel gave you a better idea of who/what Eight Deuce is. The services page will go into more detail on each of the services that I offer, but I think this page gave a brief overview along with a timeline of my entrepreneurial journey after leaving the 9-5 world. As I said, I’m in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, but I can work with English-speaking clients located anywhere. And I love travel, so if the price is right, I will hop in my van or jump on a plane. I prefer to work in my studio, but most of my work can be mobile.

Thanks for learning a bit more about me and making it all the way to the end. If my skills can help you or your business, don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you soon!