Will 2011 Be My Year?

Only a couple more days left in 2010. That’s crazy. It feels just like yesterday that I was hungover after the last New Year’s party. Maybe not all huge things, but I feel like a lot has changed this year. For the better. But as every year comes to a close, I always say “2006 is gonna be my year”, “2008 is gonna be my year”, etc… But I really feel like 2011 will be MY year where a lot of positive things will happen. I think being optimistic has to help some.

New Year 2011 Party Wenger Basement

Ok, so it’s already January 2nd, so I procrastinated a bit, but I’m here to finish this up. Work is going good, I’m still counting calories, I don’t drink alcohol nearly as much, I’m not gambling my money away every week, and I plan on going to the gym more often, saving money, and being better about working on/maintaining my house. But you know what people say: resolutions are like lesbian pornos, everybody has one. Umm… ya, well… anyways… Everyone makes these far-fetched plans/goals and never sticks to them, but not this year, not me.

I really plan to update this site a lot more and post a ton more blogs. And maybe I’ll actually post stuff that is interesting enough that people will actually comment on. Or maybe I just have to end all my posts with a question that people can’t resist answering. So… What is your biggest plan, goal, or resolution for 2011?