11 WordPress Plugins That Will Get You Laid

11 WordPress Plugins That Will Get You Laid ImageUPDATE: I have since written a new list of favorite plugins. Check that out here… Best FREE WordPress Plugins

When was the last time you had sex? Well I assume you’ve been spending countless hours, weeks, and even months working on your website, but no time in the room where all the magic happens.

Your site is a disaster: broken links everywhere, tons of spam comments, SEO tactics from 1995, and let’s not even talk about what your site looks like on a mobile device. You have all this anger built up inside you since nothing is going your way when it comes to your online presence, and it has taken a toll on your love life.

Are you ready to give up or do you want to know a few secrets that will get your sex drive back into spring break mode? Good, I thought so. Now throw on those shades, apply some sunscreen, and break out the tequila & shot glasses… it’s time to get crazy!

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