52 Goals. For a Procrastinator!

Skydiving Plane Jumping Sky Flying

My last post was about the new year and some goals and what not. This is not that post all over again. This is my official 2011 Bucket List. I made a list of 52 things I’ve either never done and always wanted to do, things I’d be nervous to do, or things I think I just need to do. Feast your eyes on this list of awesomeness:

1. Do stand up comedy at an open mic night
2. Attend an OSU football game
3. Build a wine rack out of wood
4. Build a big computer desk out of wood
5. See a movie at the Neon Movie Theater
6. Eat something with mayo on it
7. Eat something with sour cream on it
8. Build a website for a non-profit organization
9. Donate clothes to a charity
10. Pay an extra house payment
11. Drive my bodydrop to a show over 5 hours away
12. Paint a black stylized photograph image on a wall in my house
13. Go a whole week with no Facebook

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Will 2011 Be My Year?

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