Minitrucks… They Always Have Problems!

Well, for the most part it seems like every vehicle has it’s problems. But when people, minitruckers in this case, go modifying and customizing a vehicle, it seems to create more problems. Case in point, last Friday. If you read my last blog, you are probably waiting for the Dropt-N-Destroyed show coverage and story. Sorry, but I have no coverage or amazing stories to share as I did not go. My truck was not cooperating with us Friday night as we attempted to fix a transmission leak. The plan was to fix the leak, pack my stuff, be in bed by midnight, wake up by 6am, meet everyone around 6:45-7:00, then head to the show. Basically none of this happened.

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Fall is Definitely Here

I love summer, but I’d have to say, I think I love fall even more. Something about the leaves changing colors, wearing jeans & hoodies, bonfires, and Halloween that excites me. Of course I’m still on my health kick, but I always look forward to a nice hot bowl of chili or soup when the temperatures start dropping. Now I do hate it when they drop too far. I despise Ohio winters. Especially the snow, ice, road salt, slush, and all that mess. I’m not looking forward to it, but it’s inevitable.

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DMT Cookout

DMT Cookout Laid Out Trucks

Last Sunday, Jeremy “Menace” Sellars set up a cookout for all of the DMT members and their families/friends. I showed up around 12:30, despite my leaking tranny. I stopped at Kroger on the way to get a ton of hot dogs, jalapeño cheddar mettwursts, hot italian sausages, ghost pepper salsa, jalapeño pickles, and some of Dave’s Insanity Sauce. I must say, I love hot stuff. Real hot stuff. But Dave’s Insanity Sauce is just out of control. My dad talked about it before, and he is a hardcore hot sauce guy too. Maybe you haven’t met him before. Let me introduce you to him. His name is Charles, aka Chuck. He’s a self-employed semi-truck mechanic who is amazing on the drums. Anyways, I swore I’ve had this sauce before, but I would think I’d remember something like this. I can say, this is in my hot sauce cabinet at home right now, and will likely only come out when people think they are up for the challenge to prove how they can eat any kind of hot sauce.

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