CSS, Firebug, & Sprites Oh My!

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I just finished up my second week at my new full-time job and I’m relaxing on this Friday night. I’m sharing the leather couch with our feline roommate who seems to be an OCD germaphobe since he’s always bathing. I’m writing from my phone and the music is shuffling in the background… 30 Seconds To Mars, Pussycat Dolls, Kanye, Snoop, Lady Gaga, Scorpions, Eminem, Firehouse, Halestorm, you know… the usual. The job and the people are great! Within the first ten days, I’ve already gained a ton of info that will help me now and in the future in the area of web design. I wish I had really sat down and learned about these tools year ago, but hey, the best time to learn is always right now.

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