Internet Marketing Blog Leads to Addiction

internet marketing blog leads to addiction image

Everyone has addictions. Whether it’s chocolate, reality shows, gambling, heroin, or whatever, we all have at least one. If you read my last post about why WordPress is amazing, then you know that’s one of mine. Have you guessed what my newest one is? I’ll give you a hint… it’s not meth.

At the beginning of this year, something clicked on in my brain and I found a new passion: Internet Marketing. I’m talking about SEO, affiliate marketing, creating niche sites, blogging, etc… It all started when I randomly stumbled across Corbett Barr’s website where he shows peo­ple how to build­ a thriv­ing online busi­ness that helps them pursue their dreams. In one of his posts, he explains how he turned $3,000 into $128,000. It was very helpful to see what eBooks and educational courses he purchased and implemented, especially since I’m basically a newbie in this industry. And I really had no idea who he was nor did I know who any of the people were that he was mentioning.

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