Tattoos, They Are Everywhere

I got my first tattoo in Panama City Beach on spring break 2006. I had always wanted tattoos once I seen some of friends getting them. But I had no idea what I wanted. What would I get on me that I’d be ok with having for the rest of my life? Well, I decided on just a design that was in a book at the local tattoo shop. It doesn’t really have any meaning besides that spring break trip and it was my first. Of course my mom wasn’t happy when I came home with it, but I explained it wouldn’t prevent me from getting a job or anything, “Look, I can cover it up with a long-sleeved shirt.” I got it on my left forearm and at the time, it seemed like a huge tattoo! Some people were in full support of it, others shook their head. Tattoos were still not always accepted.

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