Posting from the iPhone 4

Well, I’ve had the new iPhone 4 since the first day the preorders came out. I love it and all the new features. The screen is amazing, the camera is way better, multitasking is nice, as well as a few other nice upgrades. I’m actually posting this from the WordPress app on the phone.

Old iPhone 3G. New iPhone 4.

I do see the issue people talk about when you hold the phone and the bars drop. But I don’t think it affects the signal. I believe it’s just a software flaw that will be fixed soon via an update. I also wish there was a turn off all apps button instead of having to manually turn them all off. But it’s not hateful.

I don’t think I could ever not be an iPhone user after being one for almost a year and a half. I still have my old 3G that I need to get on eBay very soon. I hope there is still a market for those. Hell, the only real reason I bought this one is because my early upgrade fee was only $18 and I can probably sell my old one for more than the $199 I paid for this one.

All the chargers still work with this new model but I did have to buy new screen protectors and a new silicon rubber case. But a 3-pack of screen protectors was only $10 from the AT&T store and I got a new case for $5 shipped off eBay. All and all, the iPhone is still the best phone out there in my eyes. It’s going to be hard to change my mind.