New Website Theme

Yes, it’s me… Randy. I haven’t updated the site in a while and I’ve been kicking myself. I’m back, and I think I just needed to update the look of the site to get me updating it more often. Plus I’m going to totally change the site from what it was.

Before, I was so die hard internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Now I’m back to my roots: website design. And I do some photography as well, but the last site was not really setup the way I wanted to showcase my past and current work. I installed a new theme yesterday and spent some time last night customizing it. I’ll be spending a lot more time on it in the following days and next week. Stay tuned for updates!

In the Portfolio section (which I know is empty right now), I’ll go in depth about each site I’ve designed and turn them into case studies. I’ll also have a photo gallery of some of my best photography work. It’s mainly been focused around custom trucks and randomness, but I want to start taking a lot more photos and get into other areas like people, places, scenery, etc. And when my funds allow for it, I’m dying to get into video. But I think my fiance would kill me if I drop a grand or two on new equipment before I spend a dime on the wedding. Soooo… maybe towards the end of next year, I can get more into the video stuff.

Also, I wrote strictly internet marketing and web design stuff on my blog. I’m changing that to keep me wanting to write more. I love writing a lot, but I was not motivated when I was only writing about a specific thing. I will now be posting anything and everything. Friday night parties, photos from truck shows, healthy food recipes, what I’m doing at the gym (if I ever can get myself to go), vacations, web design tips, tutorials, and so much more. It should make it a little more interesting around here and make people actually want to read my stuff.

On that note, I’m glad you have revisited my site and I hope the new look is refreshing and the content keeps you entertained. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in everything I get into!