Listening to Music Cures Depression

Listening to Music Cures Depression Image

When was the last time you were in a horrible mood? Was it a couple months ago? Is it today? Regardless, I bet you can think of a handful of songs right now that could turn that shitty day into a double rainbow.

Back in the day, everytime I wrote, I felt music helped me get a lot of work done. Now when I try to do anything productive, music just makes me more of a procrastinator. Well, except for when I work out, which I’m actually about to go do. That just pumps me up and makes me want to break shit and get a real workout in! (Update: I forgot my headphones, so I listened to the not so cool gym music. Yes, that’s always a buzz kill.)

But when I hear music when I’m trying to write a post, I get so sidetracked and just pay attention to the music. A few hours later, I still have nothing written. However, I’m writing this post right now while blaring my Pandora quick mix. It’s very random to say the least. I love music. Even instrumentals. I could throw on some custom hip hop beats, pretend I’m a dope rapper, and just bob my head while spittin some ill lyrics. (Um ya, I’m not really that gangster, maybe just 82% gangster.)

Music just makes you feel good. Whether you are driving to work, at the gym, on a road trip, chillin on the beach with an old school ghetto blaster, or just on the couch relaxing, music puts you in the exact mood you want to be in. Are you sad? You could throw some depressing music on and stay in that funk. Or put on something like Van Halen, and then you really can’t be in a bad mood. Seriously, music can instantly change your whole outlook.

So down to the meaning of this post. Like I said before, I’ve been known to listen to Aerosmith, then move on to The Game, then hit up some Ke$ha, then get back to the real world and play a little Bon Jovi. Ya, I’m random like that. Anyways, so here is a list I’ve compiled of artists that you are likely to find on my iPhone/iPod on a daily basis. I picked one for each letter of the alphabet and five that start with a number. I was inspired by Chris Houk to create this as he recently did the same on Facebook. Here it is, enjoy:

Alice Cooper
Bullet For My Valentine
Def Leppard
Great White
Hollywood Undead
Ice Cube
Justin Timberlake
Katy Perry
Linkin Park
Motley Crue
Obie Trice
Skid Row
Three Six Mafia
Van Halen
ZZ Top
10 Years
30 Seconds to Mars
50 Cent

Random enough for ya? I even bolded some of the top artists I listen to all the time. If you really know me, you’d probably agree. Now man (or woman) up and leave me a comment below letting me know some of the random music you listen to. Or just leave a comment letting me know I have some real readers out there and it’s not just me and my girlfriend reading these posts (I basically force her to read them. haha). Cheers!

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