Fall is Definitely Here

I love summer, but I’d have to say, I think I love fall even more. Something about the leaves changing colors, wearing jeans & hoodies, bonfires, and Halloween that excites me. Of course I’m still on my health kick, but I always look forward to a nice hot bowl of chili or soup when the temperatures start dropping. Now I do hate it when they drop too far. I despise Ohio winters. Especially the snow, ice, road salt, slush, and all that mess. I’m not looking forward to it, but it’s inevitable.

Bed on the Bodydropped Sonoma

Back on a positive note, there are other things I look forward too in this season. This weekend is the 7th annual Dropt-N-Destroyed truck show. It’s a few hours north east at the Summit County Fairgrounds in Tallmadge, Ohio. I have never been, but everyone says it’s a show not to miss. When I hear people say it’s the best minitruckin-style show in Ohio, I think, well, I’m not sold yet, because I can’t think of any other shows like this in Ohio. But I’ve seen show coverage in the magazines and talked with many people who make a pretty far drive out to it, so I figure I probably need to check it out.

I’m really excited for the show as it will be the last show until April 2011. That’s 6 long, cold months! And I finally have a running, driving truck to take to a show. I drove to Camp & Drag this year and that was the first show I’ve had my truck at in over 2 years! I unfortunately missed the RA show this year, so I am stoked to have my truck at another show, and drive it up there too. The biggest excitement about my truck is that it finally has a bed on it! That also is something that hasn’t happened in over 2 years. Jason at Insane Customs did an amazing job on it, and he will be figuring a way to completely hide the fuel cell before the next big show. It looks great now but will be sick with the cell hidden and with the bedliner in it. Give him a call if you need any custom work done, he can do it all: 937-838-4249.

And just when you thought my truck couldn’t look more like a truck, I am picking up a hood this week, hopefully tonight. On my way to Layd Out at the Park 2007, not even 20 minutes away from my house, my hood flew up and went through my windshield. My dad and I freaked the hell out to say the least. Long story short, zip ties are not a secure way to latch a hood, we got a new windshield replaced at 5:30pm on “Good Friday” right before the big Easter holiday weekend, we drove all the way to Morristown, TN with no heat and it was snowing, and we made it to the show with the hood strapped down to the fenders. I sold the junk hood for $50 and that was the beginning of having no hood. Over 40 months later, it’s still without a hood, but that will be changing soon! The biggest problem I’m running into with the hood, other than finding the money to pay for it, is getting the alternator to sit down lower to clear this small cowl hood. I’m trying a new bracket tonight, and if that doesn’t work, I think I’m going to have to have a custom one built.

Back to the show, a bunch of us are meeting at the Sam’s Club parking lot on Miller Lane in Vandalia crazy early. Gonna fuel up, get some breakfast, then start our journey. Hopefully we only stop half way just to get gas and use the restroom if needed. Should put us at the show around 11, maybe noon. I hope this show lives up to the reputation it has, from what I’ve heard. This might even be the first show I’ve been to in a long time, a real long time, that I don’t drink at. I might have a couple tall cans of PBR at night back at the hotel, but my days/nights of crazy drunk partying are over. For one, I’m not 21 anymore. And second, I can’t handle it like I used to. There have been way too many occasions to prove that theory. I plan on bringing up a cooler loaded with healthy food, water, and again, maybe a couple good ol PBR’s. I’m ready to setup the EZ-UP, get a few chairs out, and chill with a bunch of friends in a relaxed environment. I’ll have a blog written about the show along with a large amount of show coverage posted by this time next week. Be sure to check back!