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WordPress Test Site Guy

WordPress Test Site

When creating a new WordPress site, there are two ways I go about it:

  1. Build the site live on the client’s domain (
  2. Build the site on a test site ( or
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HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator Website Hosting

About 12 years ago, I registered my first domain name, purchased a hosting account, and created a basic website showcasing my graphic design work. I used GoDaddy for the domain and hosting, and continued to use them for several sites for many years. Their ads were everywhere and everyone always thought of them as the go-to people for domains and hosting. I just thought they were the best out there and there was no point in looking elsewhere.

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Dayton Website Design

Dayton Website Design

Since Eight Deuce is located in Dayton, Ohio, it’s only fitting that we do a lot of websites for Dayton businesses. But what does “Dayton website designreally mean?

We offer web design services to small and large clients in a variety of ways. Some people come to us and just need some simple edits to their current site. Others want their existing site upgraded to 2012 standards with a new, modern look. But the majority have no online presence at all (I know, how is this possible?!?). Regardless, Eight Deuce can handle it all!

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Best FREE WordPress Plugins – Spring 2012 Edition

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Again, life has been crazy, but that’s really no excuse. Anyways…

Awhile back, I made a post about my favorite WordPress plugins. Since then, I’ve dropped a few of those and added some more. Here is my list of current must-haves for every new site I do:

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New Website Theme

Yes, it’s me… Randy. I haven’t updated the site in a while and I’ve been kicking myself. I’m back, and I think I just needed to update the look of the site to get me updating it more often. Plus I’m going to totally change the site from what it was.

Before, I was so die hard internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Now I’m back to my roots: website design. And I do some photography as well, but the last site was not really setup the way I wanted to showcase my past and current work. I installed a new theme yesterday and spent some time last night customizing it. I’ll be spending a lot more time on it in the following days and next week. Stay tuned for updates!

In the Portfolio section (which I know is empty right now), I’ll go in depth about each site I’ve designed and turn them into case studies. I’ll also have a photo gallery of some of my best photography work. It’s mainly been focused around custom trucks and randomness, but I want to start taking a lot more photos and get into other areas like people, places, scenery, etc. And when my funds allow for it, I’m dying to get into video. But I think my fiance would kill me if I drop a grand or two on new equipment before I spend a dime on the wedding. Soooo… maybe towards the end of next year, I can get more into the video stuff.

Also, I wrote strictly internet marketing and web design stuff on my blog. I’m changing that to keep me wanting to write more. I love writing a lot, but I was not motivated when I was only writing about a specific thing. I will now be posting anything and everything. Friday night parties, photos from truck shows, healthy food recipes, what I’m doing at the gym (if I ever can get myself to go), vacations, web design tips, tutorials, and so much more. It should make it a little more interesting around here and make people actually want to read my stuff.

On that note, I’m glad you have revisited my site and I hope the new look is refreshing and the content keeps you entertained. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in everything I get into!

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