Listening to Music Cures Depression

Listening to Music Cures Depression Image

When was the last time you were in a horrible mood? Was it a couple months ago? Is it today? Regardless, I bet you can think of a handful of songs right now that could turn that shitty day into a double rainbow.

Back in the day, everytime I wrote, I felt music helped me get a lot of work done. Now when I try to do anything productive, music just makes me more of a procrastinator. Well, except for when I work out, which I’m actually about to go do. That just pumps me up and makes me want to break shit and get a real workout in! (Update: I forgot my headphones, so I listened to the not so cool gym music. Yes, that’s always a buzz kill.)

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Internet Marketing Blog Leads to Addiction

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Everyone has addictions. Whether it’s chocolate, reality shows, gambling, heroin, or whatever, we all have at least one. If you read my last post about why WordPress is amazing, then you know that’s one of mine. Have you guessed what my newest one is? I’ll give you a hint… it’s not meth.

At the beginning of this year, something clicked on in my brain and I found a new passion: Internet Marketing. I’m talking about SEO, affiliate marketing, creating niche sites, blogging, etc… It all started when I randomly stumbled across Corbett Barr’s website where he shows peo­ple how to build­ a thriv­ing online busi­ness that helps them pursue their dreams. In one of his posts, he explains how he turned $3,000 into $128,000. It was very helpful to see what eBooks and educational courses he purchased and implemented, especially since I’m basically a newbie in this industry. And I really had no idea who he was nor did I know who any of the people were that he was mentioning.

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I Ate Sour Cream On Purpose

So I know this isn’t a huge goal for 99% of the world, but there are some foods that make me want to get sick just thinking about them. Sour cream is definitely one of them. So of course my girlfriend couldn’t resist making a southwestern-flavored dip that had two ingredients: the powder dip mix and a huge tub of sour cream. Just looking at it made me gag. Anyways, after watching her eat chip after chip of this dangerous concoction, I said screw it, it’s just food. I’ll admit I didn’t try much at first, but I ended up having several dippings of it.

My conclusion is, the dip was actually pretty decent. I could see myself eating it again someday, or another flavor with sour cream. I’m not sure what made me anti-sour cream, but I think I can handle it now. I was told it has no flavor and that it takes on the flavor of whatever it’s mixed with. That sounds legit and seemed to be somewhat true. But then I just have to ask, why do so many people use it as a topping? Like on Mexican food, why does anyone need a huge load of it on their burrito? I’ve heard because it cools the food down. Really? That’s your excuse for throwing a pound of white fattening stuff on already bad food? I’ll never get it. And I don’t plan on ordering sour cream when I go out to dinner, but in the rare case it ends up on my food, I think now I know I can deal with it.

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Just Another Friday

It’s rare, but I’ve been asked what a typical day in my life consists of. Well, it may not seem super exciting to most of the world, but I’m loving life and I have some big plans in the near and distant future. Anyways, on with the show… I’ll just describe today and what’s happened on thus far…

6:20 – Alarm clock #1!!!! My response?? Snooooozzzzzzeeee…

6:29, 6:38, 6:47, 6:50, 6:56 – Alarm clock #2-6. Ok, time to tackle this last day of work for the week.

6:56 – iPhone time for about 10 minutes then stretch and head to the bathroom.

7:09 – Get dressed, brush my teeth, grab my breakfast/snacks/lunch (that I made last night), kiss the girlfriend (Samantha for any new viewers), and head out the door.

7:25 – Pull the old Subaru Legacy out of the garage and drive 25ish miles to work. A half hour full of anger trying to find something on the radio to fit my tastes. (Before the end of the month, I’m definitely buying a new JVC headunit from Crutchfield!) This includes 92.9, 94.5, 95.3, 102.9, 103.9, and 104.7. And for the record, I really do hate talk radio and a bunch of commentary junk. I thought I was getting into it for a few days when I first bought this all wheel drive monster with a vintage audio setup, but I was lying to myself. Just give me some hair metal or some dope beats. Plain and simple.

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10 Guilty Pleasures. Don’t Judge.

At one point or another, I’m sure every person that blogs gets the good old writer’s block. I do all the time. I mean I could write about the most random stuff in the world, but I’m not sure the world is ready for that yet. So I read a post on Chris Brogan’s site called “100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write”, and this is one of them. And just so you know, I wrote down 1-10 and stared at it for a few minutes and thought, how will I ever think of 10!?!? Well, let’s just say my mind wouldn’t stop rolling after I wrote a couple. Anyways, here’s 10 of my guilty pleasures. Enjoy…

Guilty Pleasures Reality Shows The Hills

1. Reality Shows – Intervention, The Hills, The Bachelor, The Real World, The Apprentice, True Life, Miami Ink… I could go on all day. I almost disregard what the show is about and just like the fact that I’m seeing what these people are like on a daily basis and how their lives are. Maybe I should start a blog called “My Top 10 Reality Shows”. But I don’t have cable at home, mainly because I don’t want to pay for it, but it also keeps me off the couch for hours and hours at a time. Netflix is my new version of cable. We’ll talk about that another day. Back on topic, I could watch any reality show, any time, any day.

2. Taking Super Long Showers – Ok, I’m guilty: I do not take a shower every single day. Call me gross, call me disgusting, call me dirty, call me whatever you want. That fact is, I sit at a desk all day at work. If I was sweating all day, ya, I’d take a shower every day. I try to take one after every workout session at the gym, but sometimes when I get home, I instantly pass out on the couch, then wake up rushing around the house getting ready for work with no time. Anyways, when I do take showers, I could probably be done in 5-10 minutes. But no, I end up just standing under boiling hot water for another 10-15 minutes. Very wasteful? Yes. Great way to clear your mind and relax? Hell yes.

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