I’m Ready For 2012

Well, I’d have to say I had some pretty damn good times in 2011. There were some really amazing moments that I’ll remember forever, and there were some that tore me up pretty bad that I still think about every day. But as a whole, it was a pretty good year. I wanted to accomplish … Read more

25 iPhone Apps You Need

If you have an iPhone, then you know how easy it is to try new apps. I’m always hearing about new ones on a daily basis. I’ve been an Apple iPhone user since April 2009 when I bought the 3G. I had that for just over a year and preordered the iPhone 4. I’m still … Read more

Ah Whatsup Randy

Damn it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. Like over 6 weeks too long. And it’s been way too long since I’ve wrote a random or off topic post. Those are my favorite and I could write those at least daily. So here it is, just whatever is on my mind at the moment…

I’m super stoked about vacation coming up. Seaside Heights, NJ for a week at the end of July. Gonna be epic to say the least. I’m ready to bash on their local Mexican joint. Both times I been out there, it had a different name. First it was The Red Cadillac, then The El Camino. I hope it’s called The Bodydropped Minitruck this year!

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14 Reasons Why I’m Not Your Friend

14 Reasons I Am Not Your Friend Image

Are we friends on Facebook? Do I follow you on Twitter? If so, you must be a badass. Seriously, it takes a lot for me to want to be connected with certain people online. Sure, you are cool in real life, but I’m not interested in hearing about how bad your life sucks and that life isn’t fair via Facebook status updates. Is this you?

On the flip side, there are people that I am friends with on Facebook, I “like” their business page, and I follow them on Twitter. Most likely these people are cool as hell in person, they post things on their Facebook page that I find interesting/hilarious, they post things on their business page occasionally that shows off their creative talents, and they seem to post inspiring tweets on Twitter. I love these people!

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Spend Less, Invest More, Take Action

Spend Less, Invest More, Take Action Image

Does this title confuse you? I had to read it a few times to make sure it made sense to me. I had several others I was also deciding between, but I felt this one was short, sweet, and to the point. And actually, I was hoping some people wouldn’t get it right away. Some people, myself included, are far too curious and just have to read something that has an odd title. “How the hell am I supposed to spend less when I’m investing more? Investing is spending. This Randy guy is a ra-tard!”

What I’m trying to get at is this: Investing your money in your business isn’t spending, in my eyes. If you are buying an expensive piece of software, sure, it may seem like a lot. But if a lot of people you know are seeing great results by using it, it pays for itself, and you gain something from it, how is that really spending? To me, that’s investing in your business and your future.

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