Blog Frustration

So I thought finding a badass template to start with and all the customizing work would be frustrating. Well I had a blog for a year and never really used it. I logged in to it on Friday and laughed at it. Then I started this blog but did it a different way. The old one was just through the WordPress site. This new one is installed on my server and I had no idea the way to login was different. Of course I thought I tried everything I could think of. I thought I screwed it up when I signed up with the same email address. Vulgar language was spewing out of my mouth at a rapid pace. Computers and phones were being threatened. Friday night plans were delayed. I was in a bad mood. It also pissed me off Saturday morning. I said, screw it, I’ll try it on Monday when I get to work.

Frustrated! Oh Poop!

Well, here I am at work. I read the Readme.html file and what do you know, it explained it all and it makes perfect sense. I’m an idiot. Sometimes I just sit back and laugh at how easy some things are and how difficult I made them. Oh well, looks like it’s time for lunch. I just had to rant.