I Ate Sour Cream On Purpose

So I know this isn’t a huge goal for 99% of the world, but there are some foods that make me want to get sick just thinking about them. Sour cream is definitely one of them. So of course my girlfriend couldn’t resist making a southwestern-flavored dip that had two ingredients: the powder dip mix and a huge tub of sour cream. Just looking at it made me gag. Anyways, after watching her eat chip after chip of this dangerous concoction, I said screw it, it’s just food. I’ll admit I didn’t try much at first, but I ended up having several dippings of it.

My conclusion is, the dip was actually pretty decent. I could see myself eating it again someday, or another flavor with sour cream. I’m not sure what made me anti-sour cream, but I think I can handle it now. I was told it has no flavor and that it takes on the flavor of whatever it’s mixed with. That sounds legit and seemed to be somewhat true. But then I just have to ask, why do so many people use it as a topping? Like on Mexican food, why does anyone need a huge load of it on their burrito? I’ve heard because it cools the food down. Really? That’s your excuse for throwing a pound of white fattening stuff on already bad food? I’ll never get it. And I don’t plan on ordering sour cream when I go out to dinner, but in the rare case it ends up on my food, I think now I know I can deal with it.

Bucket List 2011 Eating Sour Scream Dip

For these Bucket List posts, I’ll try to keep them short and sweet, talk about what it is, give my conclusion about it, and show a photo or two from the event. I know this one wasn’t too exciting, but check back often for more posts on this year long list of weird goals.