Adobe Wallaby is a Flash Converter, Not a Small Kangaroo

Adobe Wallaby Flash Converter Image

Still pissed about your new iPhone and iPad not being able to display Flash? I am, but it really doesn’t bother me since I rarely develop anything in Flash anymore. However, there are still many people designing sites, ads, and more in Flash, and you’ll never see them on your new iPad 2, or will you?

Today, Adobe announced a new software title called Wallaby. They actually have a Prerelease available for download on their site right now.

Click here to download Adobe Wallaby.

Here is the description they have on their site:

“Wallaby” is the codename for an experimental technology that converts the artwork and animation contained in Adobe┬« Flash┬« Professional (FLA) files into HTML. Wallaby is not a final product and is still in the testing and validation phase. We are not yet able to commit to a roadmap for this experimental technology.

From what I understand, you will be able to take the Flash file, run it through this program, and be given a new HTML5 file that is viewable on WebKit-only browsers (Google Chrome and Safari/Mobile Safari). Since it implements CSS 3 animations, Firefox and IE will have to wait until CSS 3 is the standard.

Even though this sounds like the missing link to the Apple iOS mobile platforms, I think we’ll have to wait until a final release to see everyone jumping on the Wallaby bandwagon. Here are some of the reasons you won’t be overjoyed with Wallaby just yet:

  • Some Flash elements are not HTML5 compatible, and they won’t be converted (blending modes, some filters, etc…)
  • Timeline animations will be converted to CSS3 animations which are not yet supported on all browsers
  • It does not convert ActionScript to JavaScript

It seems the primary use for Wallaby right now, besides experimenting, is for simple banner ads. But you could still convert your complex Flash files with this software and do the ActionScript to JavaScript conversions yourself. I also hear rumors about Adobe possibly including this into a future version of Flash Professional. That would be a nice addition, especially when all browsers implement the WebKit/CSS 3 animations.

What are your thoughts on Flash? Do you think Wallaby is here to stay or it will slowly disappear? Please share your thoughts by commenting below. Thanks for reading and have a kickass day!

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