25 iPhone Apps You Need

If you have an iPhone, then you know how easy it is to try new apps. I’m always hearing about new ones on a daily basis. I’ve been an Apple iPhone user since April 2009 when I bought the 3G. I had that for just over a year and preordered the iPhone 4. I’m still using that and will likely move up to the iPhone 4S next month when my upgrade is available. Then someday the iPhone 5, and so on. There is no way I could not have an iPhone. It pretty much does everything that I need it to do, and way more. So anyways, here are the 25 apps that think you need. And I wrote a small description on why I love it and what I use it for. Enjoy…

  1. Pandora: I love music and this app has it all. I love to use the QuickMix and play a lot of different types of music. Plus now they have comedians on there. And you can have it playing music in the background while using another app! I do hate the ads and have considered upgrading to remove them, which is $3/mo I think. FREE
  2. Diptic: This is a great app that allows you to make a collage of your photos in a clean way. Several different layouts and borders. And you can rotate and flip photos if needed. PAID
  3. Photobucket: When I want to post a photo to most forums from my phone, I need to upload it somewhere. So I send it through Photobucket and I instantly have a link to use. FREE
  4. Trainyard EX: I heard this was several people’s favorite game. I played it for a few minutes and was not impressed. The graphics were great, but it was too simple. Then I played it for an hour or so and I was hooked! FREE
  5. Instagram: If I could only pick a few apps, this would be one of them. I use this all the time. Pretty much anytime I am going to upload a photo to Facebook, I send it through here first to apply some awesome filters. And it’s great to follow tons of people and see all their amazing photos from around the world. Everyone becomes a pro photographer! FREE
  6. Facebook: The app keeps getting better, and I’m on it all day. I don’t really have to describe this one. FREE
  7. Twitter: Same here. I like that I can have my multiple accounts in one place and easily check everything. FREE
  8. Hootsuite: This kind of combines Facebook and Twitter. It’s perfect when I want to post the same thing to both places. I can do it instantly! Although I have been having some problems connecting with Twitter. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. FREE
  9. CNN: I used to use the USA Today app because CNN was a paid app. Now that it’s free, it’s where I get my news fix. FREE
  10. WordPress: If I need to update text on my site or any of my client’s sites, I can do it right from my phone! I write a lot of blog posts from my phone, and then finish it on my desktop or laptop with styling, photos, links, etc. I think this app will get better and better but it’s pretty good right now. FREE
  11. IMDb: My fiance and I are movie buffs! We don’t have cable, but we use Netflix and Redbox all the time, when we aren’t watching our favorite movies we own over and over. There is always someone in a movie that looks familiar. We usually guess and use the app to double check. Then learn about all the actors and their background, and spit out random quotes. We are nerds. FREE
  12. VEVO: Trying to find an official music on YouTube is a joke. I always end up getting some horrible quality, wannabe cover song, or a stupid reaction video. This app has a ton of very high-quality videos, easy ways to share, make playlists, and more. I wish I could have the music play in the background though. FREE
  13. Netflix: I did downsize my Netflix account but I still use the app every now and then if I’m super bored and lazy, and my battery charger is nearby. But it’s high-quality, has a ton of choices on tap, and works like a charm. FREE
  14. Redbox: When we downgraded our Netflix account, we still wanted to watch newer movies at home for cheap. There is a Kroger and a McDonald’s right down the street that both offer Redbox rentals. It’s real easy to stop by on the way home from work, get a movie, go home and watch it, then return it on my way home the next day. Plus I can see what movies are in stock at the locations near me, or find a location that has a specific movie. And even reserve titles right from my phone. FREE
  15. The Weather Channel: The Apple Weather app is pretty basic, so I tried this app instead. It has a lot more detail and is great to look at if I need to know the following week’s weather, and see the current Doppler radar. FREE
  16. Domain Scout: I’m always thinking of new personal websites to create. When I get a bunch of ideas going, I open this app and check to see what domains are available. It allows me to see all the domains I’ve tried and if they are still available, and more! FREE
  17. Words With Friends: I think I’m a Scrabble genius. I’ve been playing this game forever, and I’ve been known to have 15 games going at once. I have a decent vocabulary but Scrabble is also a defense game too. If you think you are up for a challenge, my username is “MiniTruckScene”. FREE
  18. eBay: I’m always looking for the next good deal. Sometimes I use craigslist, but I just like the eBay environment better. I need to get back into listing more things for sale! FREE
  19. iMapMyRUN: A few months ago when I was on vacation in Seaside Park, NJ, I decided to run after I woke up on a few of the days. I wanted to know how far I ran and a way to remember which routes I took. If you like to run, you have to install this app! FREE
  20. PS Express: I mainly only use this app when I take a screenshot of a photo from another app and need to crop the photo. It has other basic editing features but I don’t really use it for that. FREE
  21. Pixlromatic: This app has a ton of textures, borders, and image effects. I like to combine this with the Instagram filters. FREE
  22. Labelbox: I also like to use this app prior to uploading a photo to Instagram. It lets you import a photo, choose a label to put on top of the photo, then enter whatever text you want on the label. You can rotate the labels, use multiple labels, and more. Cool app! FREE
  23. Chipotle: I try to eat healthy and always try to bring my lunch to work. But when I forget, or need a good meal, I just open this app. It saves my last location that I ordered from, I choose what I want to eat, I pay via my stored credit card, choose what time I want to pick it up, and that’s it. I walk it, cut everyone in line, and my food is right there. Perfect! FREE
  24. Domino’s: Speaking of good and cheap food, when I’m not in a Mexican food mood, I opt for Domino’s Pizza. Their app is very user friendly, and the order process is the same. I’m usually on my way home from work, I place an order, and it’s there by the time I get to the one by my house. FREE
  25. MyFitnessPal: Ok, so I just explained how I eat Chipotle and Domino’s a lot. Well, when I was eating really healthy, I’d keep track of my calories, workouts, cardio, etc. This is the perfect app for that and helped me lose 20+ pounds a year ago. If you need to lose weight, start here! FREE

As you can see, almost every app I use is free. Even though most apps are only a dollar or two, your app really has to impress me to want to buy it. And I used to be app crazy and have almost 10 pages of apps. I’m down to 2.5 pages now, which is pretty good I think. There are several apps that came with the phone which I can’t delete, so I just made a folder called Random and put those in there.

If you were completely clueless while reading this post, I assume you don’t have an iPhone. And if that’s the case, I suggest getting one ASAP! If you want to buy my mint condition iPhone 4 next month, let me know and I will for sure sell it. I’m sure in the next few months I’ll be posting a new list as these apps are always being developed. Thanks again for hearing me ramble on about all the great things the iPhone has to offer. With that being said, RIP Steve Jobs.