Web Design Process

This is a brief overview, but here are the ten steps I take when building a website for a client.

1. Initial meeting with the client (via email or in person or over the phone) to figure out exactly everything they need.
2. I go back and put together a time frame and total cost and present you with my quote and we discuss.
3. After approval, I require 25% up front to get started.
4. I get the domain setup, hosting setup, install WordPress, install a theme, install/setup plugins, start customizing the HTML/CSS.
5. I start adding some content, then send you a link to a test site to check out the layout, design, format, functionality, etc.
6. You can make a round of changes at this point.
7. I then add the rest of the main content and make your changes.
8. I finish up the site and have you review it again (but once you have the test site link, you can review it 24/7 as I go).
9. You can make some more changes before it goes live.
10. The site is finished and I require the remaining balance to be paid to make the site live.

Have more questions? Check out my FAQ.