Can you build me a Flash site?

How much do you charge?
Every site is different and I create a custom quote for each client. I’m not the cheapest and definitely not the most expensive. I charge a very affordable price for excellent WordPress sites, but no, I will not build your site for $200 and have it done in 1 day.

Once the site is done, can you maintain it?
I can, for a monthly fee.

I’m located in California, but I really want to work with you. Is this possible?
Yes. I am currently located in the Midwest, but I can build your website from anywhere. I just need my laptop and an internet connection. I am also down to travel anywhere to work with a client, as long as the client pays for the travel fees. Need me to work at your office for a week or two? Set me up at a nice hotel nearby and I will be there. It’s not necessary, but being face to face and seeing the company firsthand can help me get a better idea of how the website should look. So yes, I am always ready to travel if needed, and I will cut you a deal on the website if you are flying me out to you.

How long will it take to design my website?
This varies, but typically 2-4 weeks. It’s possible to have a site completed in less than a day, but that will cost a lot more and you need to have all of your content ready to hand over. Some larger sites or extensive e-commerce sites can take 2-4 months or longer. The thing that holds up a site the most is waiting on the client to send over content or dealing with clients that are constantly wanting to make changes.