Hey there, I’m Randy Johnson and I was born in good old 1982. That’s where the name Eight Deuce came from. Graphic design is what I spent most of my time on from 2000-2009, doing a lot of print work, identity design, etc. I had always done a little web design work here and there, but nothing serious.

In early 2009, I discovered WordPress and I became intrigued. I started blogging and learning more ways to customize this popular framework. A year later, I was building sites for clients and expanding my skills on the web, including SEO, social media, and other types of internet marketing.

Between 2011 and mid-2014, I spent most of my time on just WordPress websites, most of which were e-commerce. I was creating sites for anyone and everyone, but many of my clients were in the custom car/truck world. It didn’t take long to realize this was my niche.

These days, I focus most of my time consulting with small businesses and professionals looking to grow their online presence. If you are looking to turn your basic informational website into an e-commerce site that gets your products available to the masses, I’m your guy. Looking for new marketing ideas? I have a lot of those too.

I still take on new web design jobs, but I’m selective with who I work with. Typically this would include custom automotive related businesses, tattoo artists, small clothing lines, and entrepreneurs. This works out for both the client and myself because I’m very knowledgeable in these industries and they are based on things I’m passionate about.

Now that you know a little about myself and my business, I’d love to hear about what you’re creating and how I can help you. A website doesn’t need to be some boring place where you throw up some quick text and photos. It should be a reflection of you and help tell your story to your audience. If you’re ready to improve your website, contact me today!

I am currently located in Dayton, Ohio but work with clients all over the world. Travel is important to me, so I do it often. Luckily I just need my laptop and an internet connection to do my work. Now that’s what I call location-independent! If you want to learn my whole story in about an hour, be sure to listen to episode 1 of my podcast. Click here to listen now!